Video of the Kubota breaking rock reefs in Warrandyte

On the weekend, I shot a short video of our Kubota U17-3 miniature excavator in action as we came across some local ‘topsoil’ when trying to fix a water tank site for a client.

Warrandyte Topsoil

The locals out here refer to the rocky reefs that are part of the landscape in Melbourne’s north eastern suburbs as Warrandyte topsoil. It’s everywhere and you need tough equipment to get through it otherwise you’ll get nowhere.

Fitting Rock Breaking equipment

Fortunately we had a rock breaker that we could fit to the Kubota and once we got going, we made short work of the rock reef that was in the way.

Easy Digging

The beauty of this machine and the attachment is the relative ease with which it breaks up the rocky ground. It’s a fairly quiet operation as well as the hi-flow hydraulic pump means the engine doesn’t have to work too hard to get maximum breaking force. The hammer is also reasonably quiet as it does its work.

Light and Nimble

What I like about the Kubota is that is a relatively light and compact set up which means that you can access areas like this one where a larger machine would not be able to get into. A quick change over from the breaker to the bucket after this video saw us clean up the mess in no time at all. North Warrandyte rock is no longer a problem for landscaping projects like this one!

Rock Breaking Services in Warrandyte

If you have a landscaping project and have run into some ‘Warrandyte Topsoil’, make sure you give us a call so we can help you out. The little Kubota in this video is available for ‘dry hire’ so make sure you get in touch.

Dry Hire the Kubota U17-3 rock breaker

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